From the Editor

Well, I see that another month has rolled around. There seems to be many things in the works, and I am excited, I would like to see the EAA chapter 808 grow.

It takes the efforts of everyone to keep things moving and I am glad to see we have some stepping up to the plate to help out. Susan Mhyre has been working hard to get a program going for the Young Eagles on the 18th of March which is only a couple weeks away, and we will be doing that at the Fremont County Airport. See the flyer on page 5. Young Eagles are an important part of getting young people involved and helping them get a desire to fly. I remember when I was 15, I was taken for a flight by one of my teachers (Martin Nelms) in High School, and I caught the flying bug. He saw my interest in flying and began bringing me books to study. I began flying when I was 15 when I started flying and soloed on my 16th birthday. This teacher arranged for the local newspaper to come and take a picture of me on that day, so made the front page of the Independence Daily Reporter. Thirty years later, I soloed my Son at the same airport on his 16th Birthday, and he made the front page of the same newspaper. So if you run into a young person who has a desire to fly help keep that desire alive.

Susan has also been working to have an open house this coming Saturday March the 4th for the Civil Air Patrol. See the flyer on Page 4. This is another way to get young people involved, so if you know anyone who might be interested, please get in touch with Susan.

So, hope to see you all soon, and this month at Fremont County Airport.

John E Davolt,
Secretary and Newsletter editor

From the Young Eagles Coordinator

Greetings Fellow EAA Chapter Members!

It’s time to fly some kids again! We’re looking for a few pilots to fly about 25 students out of the Fremont County Airport on Saturday March 18, 2017. Please see the attached flyer and let me know ASAP if you’re willing to fly. If you are new to the Young Eagles program, there are a few requirements to complete.

Must be a current member of the EAA.
You must be completely up to speed with all FAA requirements for yourself and your airplane.
You must complete the EAA’s Youth protection Training online at the EAA website (under your own login) and submit to a cursory criminal background check paid for by National EAA.
If you have any family members or friends with interested students, please have their parents please fill out the contact form below. I expect that we will get 25 RSVP’s relatively quickly.

Thank You,


A Word from the President

Well we had our first fly-out on February 11th to La Junta. 18 people attended the meeting and enjoyed a pizza lunch. Four aircraft flew in and the other members drove. The prevailing winds in certain areas restricted members and their aircraft to make the trip. Even so we had a very productive meeting and it appears we may get a couple of new members. We had a great conversation with a gentleman named Fletcher that was a major part of a rebuild of a T-41 Mescalero. He had some great photos and was a pleasure to talk with him. In the newsletter will be some information about our planned Young Eagles Flights that Susan Myhre is coordinating. (We even had Dave and Susan’s son an Air Force Academy cadet attend) She is looking for pilots and assistance. The next Young Eagles flight will be at Fremont County Airport March 18th. We are conducting more flights with fewer youngsters to provide more exposure at different airports. We really want to make a valiant effort to introduce the youth into aviation. We will be planning another fly out/Chapter Meeting in April hopefully to Walsenburg. (Lookout Matt Here We Come!) Please let us know if there is something anyone would like to add to the newsletter, visits to projects or other aviation related interests. We are working on visits to the Supertanker, Colorado Springs Aviation Museum, and an ADS- B compliance review by one of our members. Please take time to read the newsletter as more information is included.

Terrence Terrill