A Word from the President, January 2018

Happy New Year to everyone and we hope you had a safe holiday season. We look forward to the new year and we are off to a great start. Ron updated everyone on the Nitro Burn Chili RC Fly. We had a wonderful time and look forward to next year’s. Our first chapter meeting was held January 13th and we discussed several items we plan to implement this year. John will provide them in the minutes but a few items deserve mentioning:

  • A Young Eagles Scholarship for an introductory instructional flight for a deserving young eagle age to be determined.
  • Several members will participate in the EAA Chapter Leaders Boot Camp January 27th to providing many more ideas in increasing members and activities.
  • A group e-mail alert for spur of the moment activities that members can ride along or participate in.
    We will travel to La Junta for our February Meeting to meet with our La Junta members and have our monthly meeting.

There was an article Sunday in the Pueblo Chieftain by the Greely-Weld Airport Manager Gary Cyr. The article demonstrated the services that a GA airport provides (sounds familiar to all of our local airports) and denounces the privatization of the Air Traffic Control system. Please see next column.

The President, Terrence Terrill

A Word from the President December 2017

This is time of the year that we celebrate the holidays with family and friends. We did so with our fellow EAA members at our annual Christmas party. It was a wonderful gathering with a group of great people. Thanks to Ron, Jon, and the Dials for setting it up. Special thanks to those that donated prizes with a special thanks to Jamie Deventcenty and Rocky Mountain Flower for the teddy bear and the 10 gallons of fuel. Our speaker Bill gave a great presentation on being a flight test engineer for several projects and an intriguing mission to Kuwait. He has written several books and if interested please contact Jon Fredrick for more information.

We are looking forward to the New Year with several items starting in January. We will have our first quarter Chapter 808 meeting at Pueblo Memorial Airport, January 13th; followed by several board members attending an EAA sponsored Leadership Boot Camp in Denver on January 27th. Next will be a fly out to La Junta (KLHX) on February 10th for a chapter meeting and recruitment. March 14th will be at Fremont County for a presentation on Basic Med.

David Springer is working on an updated e-mail listing and dues collection. Please, if you have not paid your dues please send them to David.

Please travel safe during the holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year see you in 2018!


The President, Terrence Terrill

From the President November 2017

Winter is just around the corner and flying time will be limited or run into night time. Flying at night is quite stressful it is best to review the requirements for night flight and prepare yourself for the possibility. If it has been awhile get the help of an instructor, prepare your aircraft and yourself.

We are looking forward to our next meeting November 11th with Breakfast at Pete’s Landing starting at 8:00 a.m. and the Chapter Meeting at the Pueblo Memorial Airport Conference Room starting at 9:00 a.m. The website is up and running at http://www.eaa808.org/. Please forward any photos, articles or classifieds to Dave Myhre.

There was an article in the Colorado Pilots Association Newsletter “FlightLines” I would like to share with you about the future of aviation written by Rose Marie Kern that really sets the tone for what ideas we can share to keep general aviation alive. Please read it and share your comments at our next chapter meeting.

Terry Terrill

October’s Words from the President

It is now October and winter is just around the corner. We have come this far with many accomplishments thanks to the board and chapter members.

We started off with a young eagles rally in March had a couple of fly outs (La Junta & Salida) and another young eagles rally. To top it off we provided the pancake breakfast at the Fremont County Airshow (Thanks Liz) and the pedal plane that John donated being sold to add to our coffers.

Our Treasurer got us back on track with our 501.c.3 papers being filed and our IRS status being secured.

Ron Davidson has been great in helping me get my feet on the ground and I appreciate all that he has done behind the scenes. It has not been perfect but we will get things on track in the future.

We should make every effort to gain more members, include more youth into our chapter, promote building, safety and continue flying activities.

In a meeting on 10/7/2017 at Colorado Springs it was brought up how there is a shortage of pilots in the commercial industry and it grows each day. It is an opportunity for the younger generation to become involved in aviation and to secure a career. We must become a part of that somehow.

The FAA budget has been secured for another 6 months but ATC privatization still lingers and we should continue communication with our congress men & women.

We will have Hal Ellis conduct a presentation on Basic Med. He gave a great presentation on along with an AME that provided some good information that will be very beneficial for those wanting to get back to flying under Basic Med.

I am sure Dave Myhre will be willing to give us another update on ADS-B. It is just around the corner and is going to happen. Don Brosh also has some good information on many systems that may be more economic than the larger manufacturers.

In our October 11th meeting we discussed the feedback from the chapter members and resolve to address the concerns.

First we have attached the tentative schedule for 2018. The chapter and business meetings will be on a quarterly basis with meetings at Fremont County and trips to La Junta and Walsenburg. Each business meeting will be at KPUB on Saturdays with the Fremont County meetings to be on Wednesday nights.

Second, We discussed the website and will continually update the website to contain more information  so our members can rely on it for further information.

We hope that helps and alleviates some valid concerns.

Our next meeting will be November 11th at Pueblo Airport starting at 0800 at Petes Landing Restaurant for breakfast and the chapter meeting at 0900 in the Airport Conference Room adjacent to the restaurant. We will have a normal agenda and will confirm a date and location for our Christmas Party and finalize the 2018 schedule.

See the website calendar for the 2018 chapter events.

If anyone has photos please send them to Dave Myhre and myself so we can get them in the newsletter and on the website.

Note! Met a gentleman at KPUB on the east ramp that has a RANS S-14. He is in need of some help to get the plane back into shape. He has flown it but needs some ideas to correct some issues. He lives in Colorado Springs but hangars it in Pueblo. If anyone would be willing to help him resolve some questions please give me a call for his contact info.

Terry Terrill, President

September’s Words from the President

September 2017

It is September 11th today as I write this. We remember 9/11 and how it affected each one of us and aviation in general. We can never forget. We also are involved with the current events associated with hurricane Harvey and hurricane Irma. We pass on our thoughts and prayers for those affected and hope for a speedy recovery. If you can donate time, effort or money please do so. With that point many general aviation folks have participated in the rescue, evacuation of people and animals to safer locations, trans- ported needed supplies, medical supplies, food and water to many of our fellow citizens. GA is one of the most valuable resources available to assist in the time of need. It also brings to a point that the house may vote this week on HB 2997 for the privatization of ATC.I am sure that most of you have been contacted by EAA and other associations to contact your congressional repre- sentatives in an effort to vote against it. Please do so. You can also emphasize the capabilities of GA in the time of need that has recently has been displayed and that ATC privatization could impede the efforts by GA to help in the time of need.

Well let’s get back to more of the fun stuff. Several of our members made it to the north to view the solar eclipse. I am hoping several of you have forwarded some photos to John as it sounds like it was a great experience.

We had our second Young Eagles Rally August 26th. It went very well and we flew 24 kids. Thanks to Susan Myhre for heading the program, Don Brosh for taking the safety side and the pilots/crew that participated. We flew one young man named Seth. Seth was the most wonderful kid! He was excited, well informed, personable, courteous and intelligent kids I have ever flown in Young Eagles. It was well worth it to experience the interaction with him. Thanks to all of you that helped and set up the day be- fore. I think Susan is going to take a breather and wait till next year to set up another Young Eagles Rally.

Our chapter is getting ready to do the pan- cake breakfast at the Fremont County Airshow on September 16th. Liz Springer is heading up the Chapter effort and has sent an e-mail out out- lining activities and help needed for the break- fast. Please reply to her if you can help. It is a great way to build our funds for the Chapter.

Several fly ins and airshows are on the horizon. Hope you have time to attend some of them. Keep building and flying!

Terrence Terrill

July’s Words from the President

Well it’s been a while and I must admit the newsletter is late but hopefully full of good information. David Springer our treasurer has done a great job of renewing our Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation with the State of Colorado and is in progress of filing our IRS required paperwork. He has done so with the help of attorney Patti Arthur of Salida, Colorado. It so happens that with the persistence of David he discovered that Patti assists EAA chapters with filing required documents with State Governments and the IRS. She was extremely helpful in getting us on the right track. We will soon be a full-fledged Non Profit 501.3.c. GREENHORN MOUNTAIN EAA CHAPTER 808. Thanks David!

We will be conducting a Young Eagles Rally on August 26th starting at 7:00a.m at Steel City Aviation. Susan Myhre the Young Eagles coordinator has worked hard to put this together and if you want to participate in some capacity please call her. I know it is short notice for some but we can always use help.

Our chance to make some money for the chapter is coming up during the Fremont County Airshow September 16th as we provide the pancake breakfast for the event. We have several members committed to help but can use more. If you can help, please contact Liz Springer the coordinator for the pancake breakfast.

September is full of aviation activities with some local events and one important one outside of the state:

  • September 8th & 9th  AOPA Fly In Norman, Oklahoma
  • September 9th Calhan, Colorado  – Pig Roast
  • September 16th Fremont County Airshow
  • September 23rd & 24th   Peterson Field Military Airshow with the Thunderbirds and the A-10 !!!!


Meeting will take place at the modular building at the Fremont County Airport.

Terrence Terrill.

June’s A Word from the President

We had a general meeting June 3rd at Pueblo Airport to discuss many issues and John will provide the final outcome from the meeting in this newsletter. Couple of items that I would like to address:

  • Fremont County members and
  • General members from the outlying airports.

It was expressed by a member that we need to include those from the Fremont County airport and the meetings are on dates that others can’t make. We have decided our next chapter meeting will be in the Fremont County area and will be on a weekday evening in hopes that those members will again attend.
It is a personal goal that we focus on a central location for the Chapter and include all of those members from the outlying airports along with having chapter activities in those locations all in hopes of attracting new members, discovery of other projects, young eagle’s activities and assistance to others. We have been to La Junta, Fremont County (Young Eagles Flights) and Pueblo and will later travel to Spanish Peaks. We hope that by changing a few meeting dates to week days and different locations we can gather more participation.
If anyone has a different view or suggestion please let a board member know.

It appears we may have a display of aircraft for the Pueblo Air Museum on June 17th. Vice President Ron Davidson will confirm that and notify chapter members that would wish to display their aircraft.

Just a quick note that we just finished installing Vortices Generators on the “Big RED 182” and will have a report with pictures and the results in next month’s newsletter. Look forward in seeing you in July.

Terrence  Terrill

May’ Words from the President

It appears that flying season is in full swing now. There are many fly in’s throughout the state over the next several months and it is our intent to have the chapter members attend many of them. There are backcountry airports, pancake breakfasts, EAA fly in’s and in reality something for all. Visited many of the local airports over the last month and talked with members, new pilots and it appears IMHO there is a lot of GA activity.

The new Basic Med is now in place and it is great that past pilots have taken advantage of the new program and are getting back into aviation. There have been several thousand that have taken the opportunity to get back into flying.

Several of us attended the Second Annual Colorado Seaplane Splash in at Lake Meredith. The weather was cold and considering the previous day’s weather only two seaplanes showed up. Even so it was interesting. Cessna had a float equipped Grand Caravan that was really impressive. They gave rides all day long and we have added a few photos. There was a Lake Renegade that flew in from Kansas and the former manufacturer’s daughter was in attendance and it is her goal to restart production of the Lake aircraft in Colorado if the State of Colorado allows Seaplane operations on public waters. We were told Colorado is the only state in the union that does not allow seaplane operations. Lake Meredith is a private lake that allows the seaplane operations. There is one other lake near Rangeley, Colorado but the name escapes me. We learned a lot about the Zebra mussels and the inspection process. The aircraft were inspected at La Junta hot washed and released to go to Lake Meredith.

We will have a general meeting for the Chapter the first week in June to discuss upcoming activities, such as the Air Museum Blitz, Fly Outs, Young Eagles Flights, and the Fremont County Air Show. Please monitor the e-mails as we set a date and time. Please communicate the information to others that are interested.

As always please provide your ideas, suggestions and news to our newsletter editor John Davolt. We like to hear from everyone and their activities.

Terrence Terrill

April’s Words from the President

Here it is the end of April and we start into the spring flying season. We have had sev- eral positive activities recently and it looks like we will have several more:

Ron Davidson had his first flight with the Magnum and will be flying out of Walsenburg for a while getting the required hours for the aircraft. It is a great airplane. Congratulations Ron & Tammy!

The April chapter meeting was held at Pueblo Memorial Airport with many in attend- ance. Several issues were discussed and John will note them in the minutes.

Several Chapter 808 members attended the meet and greet for the Colorado Pilots As- sociation Fly in to Pueblo April 15th. Met some very nice people, saw several great looking air- craft and made some new friends. 22 aircraft showed up, couple not associated with CPA but what the heck we all had fun.

Word is that the Aircraft Museum wants the Chapter to display aircraft for the Annual Blitz. VP Davidson will update as more info is provided. We will delay our next young eagles flight to a later date.

We are planning some fly outs and will let members know as quickly as possible through the website, e-mails or word of mouth. Sometimes these come up at the last minute

Plans are in progress to visit some pro- jects of our Chapter members.

Contacted the Salida Airport Manager Tuesday and they will have their annual fly in July 15th and a flyer will be out soon.

Again if you have any ideas, projects or other interests please contact myself or chapter board members.

Safe Flying

Terrence Terrill

March’s Words from the President

It is that time of the year that we tend to prepare and start checking our aircraft in hopes of having an exciting and safe flying season. We encourage everyone to take that extra step to ensure that everything is in tip top shape.

The chapter flew 15 kids in our first Young Eagles Rally at Fremont County. There were some pretty excited kids and thanks to all that helped, we may have started some pilots. After a debriefing we discovered some items that we need to implement before our next Rally to pro- ceed. We will suspend our Young Eagles Program to address the items and implement them previous to our June Young Eagles Rally at Pueblo. We encourage everyone in the Chapter to contact Su- san Myhre to volunteer in one way or another. We did discover that the reduced amount of kids did reduce the stress and resources and made more time to spend with the kids. All in all a great day.

Our next general chapter meeting will be April 8th at 8:00 a.m. at the Landing Place Restaurant at the Pueblo Airport. The will be a potential fly out to Rocky Mountain Metro for a presentation on panel upgrades and ADS-B April 22nd. We are planning some visits to member’s projects in the near future. Please if you have any news, projects in progress, photos or items of interest to the members please send it to the newsletter editor John Davolt.

Safe Flying

Terrence Terrill