Just a beautiful flying day!

Terry Terrill and I flew to La Junta today and left some flyers in the FBO advertising February’s Chapter meeting there.  On our departure we flew over Lake Meredith where John DaVolt snuck through us in his stealthy DOSS DA-20.

I took some horrible screen shots with a go pro of Terry’s beautiful Cessna 182M aka “Big Red”.  Better Pics next time!

Thanks for the fun day Terry!

Ron Davidson

EAA Chapter 808 VP


FCRCC Nitro Chili Burn 01/01/2018

EAA Chapter 808,

Happy New Year!  What a great way to start it out with RC Aircraft, Skydivers, Experimental Aircraft, Smoke, Chili, Treats and Friends!

Thanks to Marlowe Cassetti and the FCRCC for the invite!  Thank you Hans and Mary Miesler for the aerial demonstration around the skydivers and the Chili.  Thanks also to Skip and the Fremont County Skydivers.  The RC Aircraft flying was great, so thanks to all of you that put on the great RC Airshow.

Happy New Year,

Ron Davidson

EAA Chapter 808

The 2017 Christmas Party

The Christmas party took place on December the 8th.  It was a lovely meal, and a great time for everyone. Door prizes were given; it was great visiting with the fellow pilots.

We had a very interesting guest speaker Mr. William Scott, Flight Test Engineer. See below for more information




Our guest Speaker, William Scott


William B. Scott is a full-time author (www.williambscott.com). He retired as the Rocky Mountain Bureau Chief for Aviation Week & Space Technology, following a 22-year career with the international magazine. He also served as Senior National Editor in Washington, and in Avionics and Senior Engineering Editor positions in Los Angeles. He covered advanced aerospace and weapons technology, business, flight testing and military operations, wrote more than 2,500 stories for the magazine, and received 17 editorial awards.

His latest solo-written novel, “The Permit,” which is based on actual events associated with the murder of his eldest son, Erik.

He’s also co-authored three other books: Inside the Stealth Bomber: The B-2 Story (nonfiction); Space Wars: The First Six Hours of World War III (fiction); and a Space Wars sequel, entitled Counterspace: The Next Hours of World War III.

Bill is a Flight Test Engineer (FTE) graduate of the U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School and a licensed commercial pilot with instrument and multiengine ratings. During 12 years of military and civilian flight-testing, plus evaluating aircraft for Aviation Week over 22 years, he’s logged approximately 2,000 hours of flight time on 80 aircraft types. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from California State University-Sacramento.

During a nine-year Air Force career, Bill served as aircrew on classified airborne-sampling missions, collecting nuclear debris by flying through radioactive clouds; an electronics engineering officer at the National Security Agency, developing space communications security systems for satellites; and an instrumentation and flight test engineer on U.S. Air Force fighter and transport aircraft development programs. He also served as a civilian FTE/program manager for three aerospace companies: General Dynamics (F-16 Full Scale Development), Falcon Jet Corp. (Coast Guard HU-25A development and certification), and Tracor Flight Systems Inc. (Canadair Challenger development and certification, plus numerous fighter, transport and helicopter test programs.

Bill and his wife, Linda, live in Colorado. They have two grown sons, Erik and Kevin. Unfortunately, Erik was killed through a senseless, horrific tragedy in July 2010.


2017 Splash down at Lake Meredith

This month was a mixture of spring and winter, with all that going on, it was still a great month. I was able to attend the 2017 Splash down at Lake Meredith. I met some friends from Cessna, as they had brought a Cessna Caravan on floats.

John Davolt

Cessna Caravan on floats.

Lake Renegade, paddling for the shore