From the Editor

Just a word, it has been an awesome two weeks; the weather though cold has been great for flying.  I had the privilege to day to see a couple of our members take off from LaJunta. I was downwind when N3DR the bright yellow bird of our vice president, Ron Davidson took off, good to see it in the air again, and after a couple more landings of a couple Katanas, the all red bird of our Chapter President took to the skies.  Flying toward Lake Meredith I got a beautiful view of N3DR, but couldn’t get my phone out fast enough to take a picture. Then as I approached the lake, I looked down at there was the bright red 182 doing some low level fun flying.  What a beautiful day it was, after about 49 years of flying, and thousands of hours and landings. I still find it a great joy to take to the blue skies, there is nothing like it.

I am going to be flying to Kansas on the 27th to pick up a new bird for me.  I have bought a Cessna 172, and older one, but in great shape and am looking forward to be able to do some traveling in it. I hope to be able to fly it to LaJunta on the 10th of Feb on our fly out.

Winter is a great time to fly. When I had my flight school, I flew with almost more students in the winter than in the summer, the only thing I could figure out was the didn’t have to mow the lawn, couldn’t go boating and it was too cold to ride their cycles.  So what better time to go flying.

Hope everyone has a great New Year.

John E. Davolt, Editor

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