A Word from the President, January 2018

Happy New Year to everyone and we hope you had a safe holiday season. We look forward to the new year and we are off to a great start. Ron updated everyone on the Nitro Burn Chili RC Fly. We had a wonderful time and look forward to next year’s. Our first chapter meeting was held January 13th and we discussed several items we plan to implement this year. John will provide them in the minutes but a few items deserve mentioning:

  • A Young Eagles Scholarship for an introductory instructional flight for a deserving young eagle age to be determined.
  • Several members will participate in the EAA Chapter Leaders Boot Camp January 27th to providing many more ideas in increasing members and activities.
  • A group e-mail alert for spur of the moment activities that members can ride along or participate in.
    We will travel to La Junta for our February Meeting to meet with our La Junta members and have our monthly meeting.

There was an article Sunday in the Pueblo Chieftain by the Greely-Weld Airport Manager Gary Cyr. The article demonstrated the services that a GA airport provides (sounds familiar to all of our local airports) and denounces the privatization of the Air Traffic Control system. Please see next column.

The President, Terrence Terrill

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