Cracked Case!!!

Well, I had some bad luck with the Lycoming IO-360 I bought (used).  When I first started working on it I took the paint off of the case and near the #2 cylinder there was something gray that did not want to come off of the case…now looking back it was probably JB weld disguising a crack.  That is also probably why it had a fresh coat of Lycoming gray covering everything!

So, from my first flight on I was chasing an oil leak…at about 15 hours I found the crack coming off the #2 cylinder going down about an inch and then back about 5”.  A buddy and I figured that we should experiment and try welding the case from the outside and monitor it closely.  It worked for a couple of hours, but then the oil started leaking again, and a crack appeared right in the middle of the weld!

Now the only option was to tear apart the engine and get a new case.  I did exactly that.  I used DIVCO in Tulsa, OK to send me an overhauled case, and they did a fantastic job!

At this point I have the case together and the cylinders on it.  I should have it back together this next week, and I will hang it back on the plane.

It was costly and it was time consuming, but it beats a cylinder separating from the case as I’m flying over mountainous terrain!

The Super Bee will be buzzing again soon!

Ron Davidson

EAA Chapter 808 VP


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