Photos from the Fremont County Airshow

Here are some photos from the Fremont County Airshow.

Crew Getting Breakfast Prepared

Enjoying Breakfast

EAA 808 served around 400 for breakfast I belief was the number. I had a great time. Also Jon’s little airplane was auctioned off, I believe it brought $325. It was a beautiful day. I am going to put in a few more Photos. I did not get a photo of N1254R, a Bellanca belonging to Brad Gunter. It shows how small the aviation world is. He bought it from someone in California. I did and annual on it in 2004 and 2005, at Chanute, when it belonged to a Doctor there.

Got a shot of some of the flying,

Tried to get some more shots of the air show performers, but must were just small Dots, need to get used to my new phone. It was a nice day, and there was also a car show involved.

Anyone want to buy a Hatz Biplane?

I had a great day and hope that some were inspired to enjoy the beauties of flying. After many thousands of hours, and 30,000 plus take offs and landings, I still get a thrill when I take to the sky. I have had the privilege of seeing a lot of foreign countries and places from the window of a small plane that few have gotten to see.

John E. Davolt

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