October’s Words from the President

It is now October and winter is just around the corner. We have come this far with many accomplishments thanks to the board and chapter members.

We started off with a young eagles rally in March had a couple of fly outs (La Junta & Salida) and another young eagles rally. To top it off we provided the pancake breakfast at the Fremont County Airshow (Thanks Liz) and the pedal plane that John donated being sold to add to our coffers.

Our Treasurer got us back on track with our 501.c.3 papers being filed and our IRS status being secured.

Ron Davidson has been great in helping me get my feet on the ground and I appreciate all that he has done behind the scenes. It has not been perfect but we will get things on track in the future.

We should make every effort to gain more members, include more youth into our chapter, promote building, safety and continue flying activities.

In a meeting on 10/7/2017 at Colorado Springs it was brought up how there is a shortage of pilots in the commercial industry and it grows each day. It is an opportunity for the younger generation to become involved in aviation and to secure a career. We must become a part of that somehow.

The FAA budget has been secured for another 6 months but ATC privatization still lingers and we should continue communication with our congress men & women.

We will have Hal Ellis conduct a presentation on Basic Med. He gave a great presentation on along with an AME that provided some good information that will be very beneficial for those wanting to get back to flying under Basic Med.

I am sure Dave Myhre will be willing to give us another update on ADS-B. It is just around the corner and is going to happen. Don Brosh also has some good information on many systems that may be more economic than the larger manufacturers.

In our October 11th meeting we discussed the feedback from the chapter members and resolve to address the concerns.

First we have attached the tentative schedule for 2018. The chapter and business meetings will be on a quarterly basis with meetings at Fremont County and trips to La Junta and Walsenburg. Each business meeting will be at KPUB on Saturdays with the Fremont County meetings to be on Wednesday nights.

Second, We discussed the website and will continually update the website to contain more information  so our members can rely on it for further information.

We hope that helps and alleviates some valid concerns.

Our next meeting will be November 11th at Pueblo Airport starting at 0800 at Petes Landing Restaurant for breakfast and the chapter meeting at 0900 in the Airport Conference Room adjacent to the restaurant. We will have a normal agenda and will confirm a date and location for our Christmas Party and finalize the 2018 schedule.

See the website calendar for the 2018 chapter events.

If anyone has photos please send them to Dave Myhre and myself so we can get them in the newsletter and on the website.

Note! Met a gentleman at KPUB on the east ramp that has a RANS S-14. He is in need of some help to get the plane back into shape. He has flown it but needs some ideas to correct some issues. He lives in Colorado Springs but hangars it in Pueblo. If anyone would be willing to help him resolve some questions please give me a call for his contact info.

Terry Terrill, President

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