Thoughts from the Editor

We are headed for Fall, the month of September will soon be gone. That has been a very busy year, either I am getting older and slower and find that it is harder to get as much down as I used. I have never found a time without something to do.
Jon Federic has been busy working on his plane and sent me some pictures to include in the Newsletter.

The following are a few pictures of my project to share.

The first are of the installation of the new lead- ing edge fuel tank for the starboard wing. I have added an auxiliary fuel tank that goes in the baggage compartment. It will feed into the leading edge tank.

The next picture shows the installation of the servo motor for the aileron trim system.

Thanks to Jon for sharing these photos with us. I am sure if you ever get out his way that he would be glad to show you what he has done.

I am sure that if you have been flying around Pueblo that you have seen that there are a large number of Army helicopters, shooting the approaches as well as landing and taking off, here as well as La Junta. If you are getting ready to take off or land when they are in the pattern, be sure and give them plenty of room as they can cause some real turbulence.

Also the old man Jack Frost will be coming to look out for frost on the wings, it doesn’t take much to reduce the lift that you need. As the air gets cooler, there will be need to watch for the iceman, so that we don’t run into the problems with icing. But that being said, it is rewarding to fly in the cool air.

I love to fly in the crisp cool air. It might be cold and we want to sit around the fire, but I can say that some of the most enjoyable times has been flying in the winter. Sometimes it is a problem when it is cold to get the engines started, so you might want to have a heater installed on the engine, or sometimes an electric heater with ducting can be used, this makes for easier starting.

So enjoy the smooth air and make sure that your heater is working, and that it has no leaks. So enjoy the smoothness and performance of the cool, crisp cold air.

I always enjoy any photos you might send to put in the newsletter, so I will be looking for some from you, maybe from places you have flown.

As we get later in to the fall, we are going to see even prettier scenery as we fly. So keep flying, there is nothing quite like it.

John E. Davolt,

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