September’s Words from the President

September 2017

It is September 11th today as I write this. We remember 9/11 and how it affected each one of us and aviation in general. We can never forget. We also are involved with the current events associated with hurricane Harvey and hurricane Irma. We pass on our thoughts and prayers for those affected and hope for a speedy recovery. If you can donate time, effort or money please do so. With that point many general aviation folks have participated in the rescue, evacuation of people and animals to safer locations, trans- ported needed supplies, medical supplies, food and water to many of our fellow citizens. GA is one of the most valuable resources available to assist in the time of need. It also brings to a point that the house may vote this week on HB 2997 for the privatization of ATC.I am sure that most of you have been contacted by EAA and other associations to contact your congressional repre- sentatives in an effort to vote against it. Please do so. You can also emphasize the capabilities of GA in the time of need that has recently has been displayed and that ATC privatization could impede the efforts by GA to help in the time of need.

Well let’s get back to more of the fun stuff. Several of our members made it to the north to view the solar eclipse. I am hoping several of you have forwarded some photos to John as it sounds like it was a great experience.

We had our second Young Eagles Rally August 26th. It went very well and we flew 24 kids. Thanks to Susan Myhre for heading the program, Don Brosh for taking the safety side and the pilots/crew that participated. We flew one young man named Seth. Seth was the most wonderful kid! He was excited, well informed, personable, courteous and intelligent kids I have ever flown in Young Eagles. It was well worth it to experience the interaction with him. Thanks to all of you that helped and set up the day be- fore. I think Susan is going to take a breather and wait till next year to set up another Young Eagles Rally.

Our chapter is getting ready to do the pan- cake breakfast at the Fremont County Airshow on September 16th. Liz Springer is heading up the Chapter effort and has sent an e-mail out out- lining activities and help needed for the break- fast. Please reply to her if you can help. It is a great way to build our funds for the Chapter.

Several fly ins and airshows are on the horizon. Hope you have time to attend some of them. Keep building and flying!

Terrence Terrill