What a Month

What a month this has been. Not only did I have a birthday and get a year older, but it has been a very busy month. We have had a large influx of students, and I have been working a record number of hours.  I am not sure whether it is the years that is catching up with me or my engine is running out of fuel. LOL. But it seems that when I get home of and evening that my energy has been Zapped.

The weather has been beautiful for the last couple of weeks, and even needed rain. I hope that the weather will be good for the Young Eagles rally on Sat.

My First Airplane

Thought I would put a picture of my first airplane.  Look how young I was in this picture. I bought it when I was 21, While others were dreaming of a new car or a Hot Rod, I was enjoying an airplane. I bought it in 1974 for $4500.  It was a 1965 Cessna 150, I did a lot of flying in it, flew it to Ft. Pierce Florida, to South Carolina and many trips to Kansas From Missouri. It was economical and I remember those years with a smile.

John Davolt

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