June’s A Word from the President

We had a general meeting June 3rd at Pueblo Airport to discuss many issues and John will provide the final outcome from the meeting in this newsletter. Couple of items that I would like to address:

  • Fremont County members and
  • General members from the outlying airports.

It was expressed by a member that we need to include those from the Fremont County airport and the meetings are on dates that others can’t make. We have decided our next chapter meeting will be in the Fremont County area and will be on a weekday evening in hopes that those members will again attend.
It is a personal goal that we focus on a central location for the Chapter and include all of those members from the outlying airports along with having chapter activities in those locations all in hopes of attracting new members, discovery of other projects, young eagle’s activities and assistance to others. We have been to La Junta, Fremont County (Young Eagles Flights) and Pueblo and will later travel to Spanish Peaks. We hope that by changing a few meeting dates to week days and different locations we can gather more participation.
If anyone has a different view or suggestion please let a board member know.

It appears we may have a display of aircraft for the Pueblo Air Museum on June 17th. Vice President Ron Davidson will confirm that and notify chapter members that would wish to display their aircraft.

Just a quick note that we just finished installing Vortices Generators on the “Big RED 182” and will have a report with pictures and the results in next month’s newsletter. Look forward in seeing you in July.

Terrence  Terrill