May’ Words from the President

It appears that flying season is in full swing now. There are many fly in’s throughout the state over the next several months and it is our intent to have the chapter members attend many of them. There are backcountry airports, pancake breakfasts, EAA fly in’s and in reality something for all. Visited many of the local airports over the last month and talked with members, new pilots and it appears IMHO there is a lot of GA activity.

The new Basic Med is now in place and it is great that past pilots have taken advantage of the new program and are getting back into aviation. There have been several thousand that have taken the opportunity to get back into flying.

Several of us attended the Second Annual Colorado Seaplane Splash in at Lake Meredith. The weather was cold and considering the previous day’s weather only two seaplanes showed up. Even so it was interesting. Cessna had a float equipped Grand Caravan that was really impressive. They gave rides all day long and we have added a few photos. There was a Lake Renegade that flew in from Kansas and the former manufacturer’s daughter was in attendance and it is her goal to restart production of the Lake aircraft in Colorado if the State of Colorado allows Seaplane operations on public waters. We were told Colorado is the only state in the union that does not allow seaplane operations. Lake Meredith is a private lake that allows the seaplane operations. There is one other lake near Rangeley, Colorado but the name escapes me. We learned a lot about the Zebra mussels and the inspection process. The aircraft were inspected at La Junta hot washed and released to go to Lake Meredith.

We will have a general meeting for the Chapter the first week in June to discuss upcoming activities, such as the Air Museum Blitz, Fly Outs, Young Eagles Flights, and the Fremont County Air Show. Please monitor the e-mails as we set a date and time. Please communicate the information to others that are interested.

As always please provide your ideas, suggestions and news to our newsletter editor John Davolt. We like to hear from everyone and their activities.

Terrence Terrill

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