From the Editor (April)

Well, another month has slipped by, it seems that time really “Flies”. Anyway, I thought I would include a few more pictures. I went to Turichraplli, India in 2010 to assemble 5 Cessna Skyhawks. If you think that the paper work is bad in the USA, just triple it for over there. I was there 3 weeks to do a job that I could have done in 12 days. I would work one day, and then they would have to get more paper work for me to get on the airport again. Anyway I had a great time, and was able to assemble 5 planes, in actual work time of only 12 days, using the help of some of the young men from India who had just gotten out of aircraft mechanics school.

Unloading some of the planes in India.

Some of the Crew helping me.

Assembling the planes, had to make do with equipment and tools.

Also I traveled to China in 2008, and assembled some planes over there. I assembled 5 172’s and 1 Cessna 206. The person who bought the C206 was a former MIG pilot, who loved to talk, even though I couldn’t always understand what he was saying he was quite friendly and I had a great time. It was located about 1700 km West of Bejing, at an altitude of over 10,000 feet, and cold, about 12 degrees. So I was breathless and cold. So here are a couple of pictures from China.

Assembling planes in Xingian

The Mechanics with me in China

I also went to Vero Beach, Florida with Carl Weaver (Weaver Aero International) and we picked up to Piper Seminoles, flew them back to his place in Moundridge, Kansas. I helped dis-assemble them, and he shipped them to South Korea. I then flew over and put them together, which I managed to do in two weeks.

The Lead mechanic at the University where I put them together, thought I was a little Fat, Haha, and wondered how fast I could work,. In the end he said. “I thought at first you were too fat to get much done, but man you worked. They were a great bunch and with their help I was able to get them all assembled.

Getting ready to assemble the Seminoles in Korea.

Almost done with the first one.

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