From the Editor (March)

Because I have not received any articles or pictures to share that I would share a little of my experience over the 48 years and Thousands of hours flying.

I have flown as a mission pilot in Papua New Guinea as a mission pilot for 10 years, 1980 to 1993 in a Cessna 180, and a Cessna 206. So here are a couple of pictures from Papua New Guinea.

On return from Papua New Guinea, I worked as at Chanute, Kansas as an Aircraft Mechanic, and a flight instructor. In 1997 worked at Cessna Aircraft Company in Independence, Kansas as a Production Test Pilot.

Getting ready for first flight in a New C182

As production test flight for Cessna, I flew over 3000 for their first flight off the assembly line. In the first flight we had to do 4 stalls, Power on with flaps and power on without flaps, power off with flaps and power off without flaps. So I have done over 12,000 stalls, in flight test plus all I have done while instruction.

After taking a lay off from Cessna in 2009, I then contracted to deliver airplanes overseas, I made 30 trips or so across the Atlantic ocean, Cessna 172’s, 182’s, and 206’s. The last flight I delivered a Cessna 206H to Tel Aviv Israel in May 2013.

Tanked New Turbo Cessna 182 for Turkey

I used to own that was a great stress reliever.

Tanked, Loaded and Ready To Deliver

Here are a couple of pictures of the Cessna 182’s that I delivered, Notice the fuel tank where the back seat normally is. We could care 125 gallons in it. Our ferry permits allowed us to take off up to 30% over gross weight, but had to keep the C.G. in the Envelope, this is why the fuel tank is so far forward.

These are some of the great times I have had as a pilot. I thought I would share a few of them with you. Next month I will share a few of the homebuilt aircraft I have owned, although I have never had the time or money to build one in its entirety.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the EAA meeting, on April 8th at the Landing Place. Please send me any pictures of projects or articles you would like for me to put in the newsletter. Hope your days are filled with fun filled flying.

Just thought I would attach a picture of a plane

A Fly Baby, what fun.

John E. Davolt, Newsletter Editor


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