From the Young Eagles Coordinator

Greetings Fellow EAA Chapter Members!

It’s time to fly some kids again! We’re looking for a few pilots to fly about 25 students out of the Fremont County Airport on Saturday March 18, 2017. Please see the attached flyer and let me know ASAP if you’re willing to fly. If you are new to the Young Eagles program, there are a few requirements to complete.

Must be a current member of the EAA.
You must be completely up to speed with all FAA requirements for yourself and your airplane.
You must complete the EAA’s Youth protection Training online at the EAA website (under your own login) and submit to a cursory criminal background check paid for by National EAA.
If you have any family members or friends with interested students, please have their parents please fill out the contact form below. I expect that we will get 25 RSVP’s relatively quickly.

Thank You,


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